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Customer service is so important and yours is the best!
Thank you. [Unlimited Club Member]
Renea B., 8/12/15


All were outstanding, beginning to end especially Deon! Nice to see people who work with pride that is greatly reflected in their quality work. So rare in this world. Go Jax!!!!
Greg B., 9/7/15


I brought my car in to clean the interior carpet which had a lot of hair from our little pug Avery. I was absolutely amazed at how wonderful the carpet looked and how thoroughly the pug hair was removed. Great staff, Great service. This was the first time I used this service but I plan to use it several times a year on all three cars. DON'T PASS UP THIS SERVICE!
Norm H., 7/21/15


Ken R did a great and timely job.
Paul C., 7/21/15


This is the second time I've had my car fully detailed--and, believe me, it was a job! Everyone at Jax offers superior service from beginning to end, a real pleasure! Friendly, professional, hard working staff that really stands out. This place hires great people and is exceptionally run! : ) thank you,
Anonymous, 7/19/15


Long story in summation, I have never been to a Jax Kar Wash. After my exceptional experience today, I\'ll be a repeat customer. I can\'t actually describe how pleased I am with the quality of the wash and especially the service. The experience was painless and my vehicle looks outstanding. From the greeter who signed me up for the rewards program ( Greeter6 - JX2), to the gentleman who dried my vehicle ( I did not get his name - older gentleman ), I remained surprised with my comfort level. I felt it necessary to pass this on. Thank you and kudos.
John L., 7/8/15


LJ made my day yesterday with his shining personality and the fact he went the extra mile to make sure I was happy without my having to ask for anything. He is a very valuable team member.
Janice K., 7/1/15


My car's interior was taken care of by Gary M. He did a great job, and I hope I get him again the next time I come.
Elizabeth V., 5/26/15


Thanks to the Rochester Road JAX team for excellent work removing the winter salt accumulation from the inside and outside of my FORD Ranger. The management team worked out an equitable plan and delivered my truck timely, completely cleaned, and as promised. Special thanks to Gary M. who worked on and inspected my truck Thursday afternoon. Sincerely,
Karen D., 4/25/15

I was extremely impressed by my free birthday wash. I almost cried when my clean car came out of the wash tunnel! I haven't had the inside done in a long time. Thank you for this wonderful service!
Paula E. 3/2/15

Just wanted to commend the young lady in the booth who helped me today around 4:30pm. I'm sorry to say I don't recall her name (it started with a K), but she was a pleasure to work with and answered my many questions about the Unlimited Club with a smile. Thanks for a great experience!
Lizzy B. 12/23/14


I'm amazed at how well my Acadia was cleaned, both in and out! If the weather was better it would have taken me two days to perform these services by myself at home. In and out in about two hours. My tech Gary did a great job on my Acadia and in showing me the detail in what he did.
Jon W. 12/2/14


As an unlimited club member I am more than pleased with the services I receive from the Troy location! The employees are some of the friendliest people around. Jody is an amazing person who encouraged me to fill out my receipt and take advantage of the discounts for multiple visits. Jax is not just a car wash; it's an experience. What I love about one of the team: Larry L is indeed a professional. As a 'neurotic' about my vehicle, Larry was the main person who recommended that I should sign up and become an unlimited club member. Then I met Rob J who is awesome. He really understands the concepts of 'customer service'. Any details I request regarding my vehicle he makes sure it is taken care of. Anthony is amazing! His friendly attitude every time I approach helps me look forward to my 'car wash adventure'. CJ has the kindest spirit and works hard to keep my car in top notch shape! I look forward to his wave. I donĂ¢t know all their names but I appreciate all the care and concern they show my vehicle and the kind treatment towards me personally. The entire team is wonderful! Thank you all for taking care of my vehicle! Just a little note from your favorite customer.
Erika 10/18/14


Great experience! I came in for my birthday wash. Even though I didn\'t buy any detail services, Ron J. was so nice and kind! Jason C, the manager, was also terrific. Thank you for the wonderful service.
Anonymous, 9/8/14


Miles went above and beyond! I brought my car in shortly before close and had a tricky situation with bugs on the front of my car. As he was preparing to close down for the night, he noticed me wiping off the front of my car and addressed me. When he learned I wasn't 100% satisfied with the bug removal after going through the wash, he personally lead me over to the detail area and hand wiped the front of my car with a special solution. He remained friendly and informative despite the fact that the car wash was closed. He and Ron both went above and beyond to make sure I left happy. They even entertained other random car questions. I am a regular customer of Jax and this experience made me feel good about my choice to exclusively get my car washed at Jax. I could tell both employees really enjoy what they do and are absolutely committed to customer service. I will be coming back to this location for a long time and I hope to run into Miles or Ron on subsequent visits.
Heather K, 7/26/14


Your team did an outstanding job. They took their time and paid attention to every detail. GREAT JOB!!!!
Aaron F 7/14/14

The clerk on duty at the desk around noon on 7/15 was very helpful. First, she tried to transfer two points I had on an old card to my FastPass program. Unable to do so, but took down all the information and promised to talk to a manager. I returned to the car wash about ten minutes later, having discovered a small mat missing from the passenger side. She sent someone back to the vacuuming area to look, then suggested it might have been put UNDER the full-size mat and accompanied me outside to look. Sure enough, that's where it was. She was very helpful and friendly, and I regret I didn't get her name.
Ellen C 7/15/14

LJ went above and beyond for me. As I was pulling out for the basic wipe down with the clothes, he asked me to step out of the car so he told me he could take care of my windows. I told him I didn't have any cash on me and he said that's no problem. Next thing I know, I have 4 guys wiping clean in insides of my windows. Great service!
Jake in Royal Oak, 7/13/14


[Unlimited Club Member] I am moving to Brighton, if you had a location in Livingston County I would keep my membership. It was so convenient and the service is friendly too! (I know people in that area would love to have a Jax...the name is known and the service is excellent)!
Sarah H. 4/11/14


Just writing to let you know I am very pleased with my club membership. I visit the WB location regularly & the crew always do a great job getting my car clean. The service is well worth the monthly fee. Keep up the good work!
John D. 3/31/14


I want to express my satisfaction about the exemplary customer service I received at my visit at Jax. Monique, Natasha & Darren went above & beyond to ensure I received exceptional service and that I was pleased with the outcome of my "Everything Package" car wash.
-Kelly T. 3/23/14


Great team doing excellent work. Keep it up. [West Bloomfield Jax]
-Brian C. 3/6/14


The employees at Jax ALWAYS do an outstanding job!!! They are the most efficient team of people in the business! I always look forward to having their team of experts service my vehicle. Thank you!!!
JAX: "May we post your comment on our Testimonials page?"
I would be honored to have my comments posted by you to your site or any other site that you deem appropriate. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to respond to me also. Your company truly LOVES it's customers! This can not only be seen by your response but your 100% satisfaction guarantee, free use of the vacuums, free wipes for the interior of the vehicle and rewarding your unlimited members.
-Gabe B. 3/3/14


Thanks so much to LJ for doing a great job on both of my vehicles today. I brought one in around 8:30 and the other around 10:00. I tipped him the first time I came through; however, when I returned I didn't have any cash and I apologized to him. He in turn told me, \"We are not too concerned about tips, we just want to make sure your vehicle is to your liking\". That statement made my day. In addition Rob couldn\'t get my $2 off coupon to work on my coupon book, so in turn he took something off my other vehicle when I brought it in. Keep hiring workers that are more concerned with customer satisfaction.
-Wanda G. 2/23/14


I went to Jax to have the inside cleaned for a holiday trip I was taking the following day. 90 minues later that car was spotless inside. Because they had a little extra time they decided to clean the outside as a surprise holiday gift. They were able to remove a paint smudge one of my children added to the drives side door while pulling into our garage. It was compeltely gone! What a kind holiday treat from my firends at Jax! It was something they didn\'t need to do, something extra. When I picked up the car they jsut smiled as I discovered the suprised. Then, they said with a smile, Happy Holidays. Hooray for Jax!!!
-Karl H. 12/19/2013


Moving out of state. Loved your service, will miss you guys.
-Unlimited Club Member, Thomas C. 12/3/2013


Moving out of Michigan! Will miss you guys more than anything! Thanks for the great service.
-Unlimited Club Member, Rohith I. 12/1/2013

I am really writing to comment on your manager and assistant manager. I have been so impressed with the knock your socks off service I have recently received that you have earned a loyal customer. I use to have my car cleaned at a competitor located on Woodard north of 13 mile rd. There is no comparison in the product and service you offer. In particular, in late September, I expressed a concern in the service level I received in a previous visit to your assistant manager (I think his name is Rob)--your manager was on vacation. He bent over backwards to understand and address the issue. And he did so in such a pleasant, friendly and sincere manner.
-Irene H. 11/13/2013


Jax detailed my 2007 Mercury Mariner today, and they did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB! In the last 6 years this car has been through 1 Golden Retriever, 1 Airedale Terrier and 2 grandchildren, not to mention a LOT of cigarette smoking! Tan cloth interior. I thought there was NO way the interior could ever be cleaned as the seats were so badly stained. Wrong! They look out-of-the-showroom new! The cloth on the doors that had nicotine stains running down them - gone! Just amazing! "Arnold" detailed my car, and I HIGHLY recommend him! I'm never smoking in my car again!:) The dogs have, sadly, "passed on"...of course, the grandkids have to stay, but they can't eat or drink ANYTHING in my car! ha! Thank you, Jax, from the bottom of my heart, for hiring Arnold - he's incredible! Give that man a raise -- he deserves it! P.S. The service I asked for (detail interior, only), cost $105.00. I told them not to bother washing the outside as it's tan (never dirty!). When I went to pick it up I could see they had washed the outside, too, & made the tires real black & shiny! I gave them a real nice tip :)
-Mary J. K. 6/18/2013


I wanted to drop you a note about the experience that I had at your Bloomfield Car Wash today. All of the employees are professional and courteous and my Truck looked great after its visit. One associate truly goes above and beyond every time that I visit and today was no exception. That associate is Monique B. As always she greeted me with a smile and a warm professional introduction. After introducing herself she explained my options and even thanked me for visiting Jax. It really was nice being a customer at your car wash today and that was in large part due to Monique. She displays the type of customer service that I try to teach to all of our associates.
Best Regards,
-Steve C. 5/29/2013


Had a great visit to the carwash of my childhood, JAX. I recently returned to the area after 25 years and could not have been happier with your service. Everyone was friendly -- even cheerful -- despite bitter cold. The car was sparkling, service was fast, enrollment in fast pass easy. GREAT JOB!!
-Susan G. 01/04/2013

Veterins Day Thank You Letter


I used your detailing services yesterday (5/5/2011) for the first time and was very pleased with the results. The vehicle looked great, your employees were very friendly and courteous and treated my vehicle with care. I would recommend you to anyone and will be back in the future. Thanks to everyone for the great job. Also, I am very particular about my cars finish and have always been reluctant to buy a black car because I hate the swirl mark look.  I am happy to say that my car's finish looked great after the wash, no swirl marks to be found both on my black CTS and the dark grey Saturn Vue that got detailed earlier this week that prompted my comments. 
Thanks for a great service,

I just wanted to say that I had my car washed at your place today and what a great job you did and also the guys who dry the car and clean the inside are really, really nice and polite. Thanks for the great service. You have a really nice “team!”
-Nancy E.

Wow, How impressive.  I was so impressed with the staff, job, and all the detailing.  I went to Jax on my birthday (USUALLY, I AM AT THE $3.00 WASHES). The fine job, and super attitude of everyone who works at Jax in Birmingham has won them another customer.  Jax will be my carwash.  Thank you!
-Harriet G.

Every time I have any vehicle washed at Jax [Southfield] I am thoroughly satisfied with the results.  You have a hardworking team that show they care about the quality of their services.  It's hard to go anywhere else, even for a cheaper price because of this.  Thank you!
-Pamela H.

I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone for being named the best car wash. I voted for you because every time I take one of our fleet vehicles in for a wash at the Troy location, I'm treated like the most valued customer coming through the door. Everyone is so kind and I know that I'm coming back to work with a nice shiny car for my coworkers to drive. You all deserve being named the BEST!
-Joyce C, Troy

My wife and I stopped at the Jax Kar Wash in Birmingham to have both of our windshields repaired due to stone chips. I wanted to write and tell you what an excellent job the man who fixed them did. He got a huge chip on my windshield filled very well and virtually eliminated the chip in my wife's windshield. I am very impressed!
-Tony G., Beverly Hills, MI

My visit to the Birmingham location was overwhelmingly fabulous. I asked for full service knowing that I would do more vacuuming when I get home (this is what happens when I go to other places). However, at Birmingham Jax the technician was so thorough I was amazed. I appreciated so much the extra effort because it saved me time. I had no idea such a thorough job would be done. Thank you so very much for such an incredible job and professional, polite experience. And it was even raining that day!
-Mary R.

I just want to let you know Larry is a great ambassador for your company. I wanted to sell both of my cars and knew a good detailing would help. Larry supervised both cars about 2 weeks apart and both sold to the first person who saw them. Yes, they had to be priced right to sell, but both buyers were ecstatic at "how clean" the cars looked. You need to buy Larry and his wife a good dinner!
-Paul G.

I ALWAYS have an outstanding experience at this location. Today, was really exceptional. I was greeted by "Ed" and I said I just needed a full wash. He said "no problem, we always appreciate your business". He glanced at the floor mats, and said "When you're ready to clean your floor mats, we only charge $9.95 to do all four". I said "ok, let's do them now". He said "I'll take the floor mats now, and by the time you're out and being dried, they'll be ready". Ed is someone really exceptional and it should be noted. Also, since I have the chance now, I would also like to applauded Bill, the manager and Tonya, the cashier. I have been going to this location for years, and they ALWAYS have a great attitude and smile on their face. Jax is so fortunate they have people, like Ed, Bill, and Tonya of this caliper who are always courteous, friendly, and professional.
-Bert P.

[this customer was not happy with her first wash, so we asked her to come back]:
I cannot thank you enough for all of your help again! I managed to make my way over to the Southfield location yesterday evening. They did an outstanding job!!!! I can't thank you enough.
-Mrs. P.

I wanted to take a moment and let whomever it may concern know that I received exceptional service today. A lovely woman named Ricky preformed the Interior Super Clean for me. She far exceeded my expectations. I am sure you hear a lot of bad and I want to make sure you hear the good as well. I will be recommending Jax to friends and family and hope that you keep up the good work. Thank you for your time.
-Pete S.

I love your exterior service. My truck comes out of there every time looking perfect! I commend you on the free vacuum hoses at the end, and the excellent drying room at the end. My truck comes out even drier than if I had dried it myself! Also, thank you for the excellent prices!
-Nick A.

I had my best car washing and detailing experience ever at JAX. I thought it would be another normal wash and detail, until I saw the JAX facility and service. My vehicle was treated by the workers as if it was there own. They did an unbelievable job! I cant thank them enough. As for the detailing, I have never seen a better coat of wax put on my car. This stuff shines like crazy! And it lasts for 3 months! WOW! I am just so happy to tell everyone that JAX is the only way to go. THANKS JAX!
-Rajiv B.

This web site is awesome! It shows how much you care about making JAX car washes the best ever, top notch. I was sorry to hear that you had sold out, but was impressed with the way you came back! Jax Car Wash and the Milen family belong right where they are, in Oakland County/Southeastern Michigan.
-Laurie B.

Your service is great. B'ham is the best location; they always do a fantastic job, especially in the Detail department.
-Sara S.

I am very pleased with the Rochester Jax establishment. They are extremely accommodating, personable. If something is wrong, they rectify it right away. Great management staff.
-Sherry W

Glad you have the property back! YOU are JAX and no one can take your place!
-Renee M.

I am glad you guys are back! I have come in periodically in the last three years and recently too, and you sure can tell a difference!
-Margo B.

Your Crew did a great job! I was very pleased!
-Jack H.

I was amazed and impressed at the amount of time and effort spent to clean off the grease from an unpaved road that remained on my car after it went through the wash. Splatterings were left on the outside mirrors, rear bumper, lower 2 feet of car and more. It must have been 20 minutes that this man spent to remove all of the grease and dirt. I have never seen this before. It seemed like he went out of his way to good a fantastic job, and he also seemed not to mind the time that my car was taking. I even got a smile or two from him. It is obvious that things are getting better at JAX!
-Laurie B.

Happy to see original owner back in business. After two visits previously I have never gone back because of poor service. Yesterday, my car was spotless inside and out. Thanks for a great job. I'll be back. Received a coupon in the mail and read the article in the Eccentric so I knew I would be returning to Jax Kar Wash. Keep up the good work.
I have told many your back in business and everyone was happy to hear the good news.  One comment yesterday - Oh, your car smells so nice.
-Dolores L.

A huge improvement from past management... you are living up to your commercials... staff at Southfield store was cordial and responsive... worth every penny of what you charge... our company has purchased certificates for our employees in the past and will do so again.
-Frederick M.

Special thanks to the Royal Oak Jax Kar Wash for taking special care!
On Saturday, January 12 around 3 pm, my cocker spaniel and I went for a Jax car wash. I was more than a little impressed with the phenomenal customer service ... from the smile that welcomed us and took the order, to the employee who took special interest in my 15 year old cocker Nikki, to the courteous vacuum folks, to the window washers, to the detailers to the checkout clerk to the anonymous someone who found my missing credit card on the inside car floor somewhere and placed in on the seat for my discovery.
You definitely know how to hire folks who care and do the right thing.
Thanks so much.
-Maryann S.

Just wanted to tell you that I'm very impressed with your web-site. As a retired GM engineer, I've been in the process of learning more about making web pages -- yours are very well done and interesting to visitors. Your washes are ok, too! Keep up the good work.
-Richard S.

Just want to let you know that I see the "old" service back again at Jax. I had stopped coming to Jax because I wasn't seeing a very good level of service (slowness, poor attitudes, poor job). Plus, I was getting hustled for tips. Keep up the good work!
-Jim S.

I have been going to Jax for the past three months. They have an excellent staff, headed by their manager. I have told many of my friends about this wonderful facility in Troy. I would recommend this car wash without reservation. I plan on getting my two cars fully detailed.
-Joe G.

I don't normally send a comment like this, but I had to let you know how good of a job you are doing. I would just like to extend my thanks and appreciation for giving me superior service during my first visit at Jax. I wasn't sure what to do or where to go, but everybody seemed willing to help. Everybody at the Birmingham location was pleasant and offered excellent customer service, to the very end. I am going to be a regular customer at the Birmingham location and I am going to refer everybody I know to you.
Thanks again
-Craig B.

I just want you to know that i had the best experience at the troy location that i have ever had.  The manager was very helpful and pleasant.